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Come with us where DREAMS are born and TIME is never planned.

Hello ! We are Chandan and Tanusha, and welcome to Chandusha_Travels ! Yup, as you guessed our travel page is derived from both our names! We are a couple that hail from India and Malaysia respectively and have been living in Ireland for the last 3 years as International Students and now working.

This is a unique travel blog created to showcase the beauty of Ireland couple adventures, hiking and camping tips and tricks, content creating and destination guides locally or internationally through sustainable ways. We hope that we would be able to inspire you to travel, create your own moment and take the off-beaten path.

When we first met in a pub in Cork, we instantly clicked and the very first conversation started off was Chandan’s travels in India hiking up mountains. We were so intrigued with each other as Chandan loves camping and Tanusha loves staying in hotels. LOL. Well, that is how we started our very first adventure in 2018 when we went together to visit Cobh and thus the starting of Chandusha_Travels happened.

As the first year consisted of both of us studying full-time, we could not really go anywhere far together often but manage to slot in times for hiking and trekking. Then in 2019, when Chandan graduated and completed his Masters, we decided to have our first International trip to Bristol. We came back prepared for more adventures when we decided to have our first camping trip which was when the Covid-19 hit worldwide.

Since then, we have been creating content at home and around Cork City while having fun too!

Would you like to collaborate with us? Then, send us a message via tanusha.suvashini5@gmail.com! Comment on any post, IG or send us a DM and we will be sure to reply back!

Much Love,

Chandan & Tanusha

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